Due to environmental problems, the use of recycled materials is not only beneficial, but also a very useful option. The fact is that for the creation of secondary granules, if this granule is secondary, oil can be used, which is a very limited resource. Consequently, the use of recycled products will help save resources and save money.

The cheapness of secondary granulated polypropylenes and polyethylenes has contributed to the fact that their use can be found in many areas of industrial production. Among the most common can be found and furniture, and various packaging containers, films, and so on. Secondary granules – the best alternative to new raw materials, which will cost several times more expensive. Therefore, to improve the profitability of the enterprise, it is very rational and cost-effective to use recycled materials.

The profitability of the manufactured product will be pleasant to the consumer, because the cost of production is much less.

In addition, secondary products, due to the fact that it is granulated, does not absorb water. Moreover, such secondary raw materials are not amenable to change, in fact. This will avoid the fact that the raw materials deteriorate, and will have to urgently make new purchases.

Let’s try to figure out for which particular products it is common to use the secondary granule of polypropylene and polyethylene. First of all, what is important is the creation of sanitary equipment, more precisely, pipes. Of course, the design of the pipeline can cost a considerable amount, but secondary raw materials will provide you with a considerable “discount”.

Moreover, secondary granules are used in the production of various automotive parts. Of course, this is not about any reciprocating, gearboxes, but a secondary PP granule is quite suitable for creating a valve.

In addition, appropriate secondary granules are used for polyethylene products. And this is very important. This fact indicates that you have the opportunity to purchase a cheaper heat insulating film, which is used to protect the insulation and create a more comfortable indoor microclimate.

Well, these examples are basic, but they are not the only ones. The use of secondary granules is very common, and it should please, and not at all scare. The word “secondary” in this situation does not at all indicate a poor product quality. In this regard, there is actually no difference.