Each manufacturer seeks to reduce production costs, which, in turn, will reduce the cost of production. Nowadays there is a way out of this situation, and it is the only one for all cases. This solution is the processing of high-pressure polyethylene, which was based on recycled materials. LDPE, which is also called high-pressure polyethylene, is used in many areas of human activity. With it, produce a variety of products, and this applies not only to household goods, but also industrial. Currently, secondary PC granules can be found on many bulletin boards at an affordable cost.

The final sentence, after the HDPE is completely recycled – these are granules. This material is distinguished by its chemical and physical properties, which, it is worth noting, are in no way inferior to the raw material from which primary polyethylene is produced. The main positive quality lies in the fact that all properties are preserved, and the cost index decreases.

Secondary high-pressure polyethylene is usually white granules. Of course, at the moment colored granules can also be realized and this will also be a full-featured LDPE, only colored dyes are added to it. Basically, these granules are made to order. For the implementation of the implementation of such products include special reactors, where the temperature is from 150 to 200 degrees Celsius. Work is characterized by the mandatory presence of oxygen and a pressure not lower than 300 MPa. These are mandatory conditions for the LDPE to turn out to be a liquid state. Next, the material is granulated and cooled.

High-pressure polyethylene has universal properties, and its main advantage is the fact that it is easy to process, it is biologically inert and at the same time remains an excellent dielectric. Based on all these indicators, currently LDPE is widely used in the area where packages are required. Nowadays, this market segment, made of plastic granules, is constantly evolving.

The main advantages of LDPE are as follows:

• raw materials have an affordable price;

• for performance of work it is not obligatory to involve the highly specialized equipment;

• LDPE – an excellent solution to how to dispose of plastic;

• can be stored for a long time.

Nowadays, LDPE is the most popular product in any industry, especially when you consider the fact that its physical and chemical properties do not change.