Secondary granules of polymers are a special material that is obtained by recycling in the form of plastic bottles, bags and other similar materials. This is a structured mass that can be used for further smelting of certain products.

In cases of the presence of such production, many are looking for ads on the sale of granules, for example, “I will sell secondary PP granule.” This suggests that there are two types of production. One for recycling, the second for manufacturing products. Together, this creates a special market.

Note that such business options are increasingly gaining popularity in our countries. The trend began in Europe, where they began to take care of the environment and recycle recycled materials into useful materials. In our country, this activity is becoming widespread only now.

In the market of secondary granules, various options can be found, depending on the initial raw materials. From the whole set, one can distinguish: a secondary HDPE HDPE granule, LDPE, PP and PS LDPE. In addition to caring for nature, people organize profitable activities. Taxes on production are lower, the cost is almost zero. And polymer products are always in demand in the market.

Bottles, bags and other materials are waste and have virtually no value. Therefore, they are available in sufficient quantities. For the state, this is also a profitable activity, because you do not need to worry about problems such as the burial of plastic or its burning.

In general, secondary PP granules do not differ from primary raw materials, it has practical applicability and value, which allows not only to produce materials from plastic, but also to save significant funds. Cost decreases, the price decreases, profit on volumes increases. Granules can be stored for a long time, and used when necessary.