Secondary polyethylene granule

On the current production and in the industry has become very popular secondary granule on a polyethylene base with low pressure and high density. It is abbreviated as PND granule secondary. Of course, it represents polymeric raw materials, which can be of a different type of variety and labeled accordingly in different ways. It is easy to order this raw material by contacting Polymers, which just produces and sells this material. Order PND secondary granules can be on their website. Deliveries are carried out in any regions of Ukraine

Plastic products can be perfectly made using low-pressure polyethylene. This is the most ideal raw material for this production. Choosing between primary and secondary granules, you do not feel the difference. However, by choosing the second option, you can save your money, since this raw material will be cheaper than the original primary grade, and less waste is thrown out through the processing and production of secondary granules, thus you contribute to our safe environment on the planet.

For recycled material, there is a strict selection of blanks from waste materials, technical waste is withdrawn, the entire selection process passes through multi-layer filters, which release them from moisture, melt and also subject to pressure using cold methods. And after this, the production technology is completed as soon as the stage of granulation of a certain mass of raw materials passes.

That is, the technology for the production of secondary HDPE is no worse than the primary one, and the product itself has the same properties:

1) it has significant density;
2) it is very resistant to cold temperatures, as well as the manifestation of chemicals;
3) has excellent dielectric properties;
4) absolutely harmless to the human body and the whole environment in general.
5) it is odorless and very waterproof and water resistant.

Used secondary HDPE for the production of various household items and building materials, children’s supplies and medical devices.