If the organization is engaged in the production of polyethylene products, then we can safely say that sometime the moment will come when it will be necessary to select one or another type of raw material for production, this in turn is an important condition, and therefore it must be strictly observed.

We can safely say that, as statistics show, at the moment the market of recycled polyethylene has really grown seriously, which means that if you wish, you can find raw materials that will not yield to primary raw materials in their most important properties. You need to know that you will appreciate the fact that at a cost it will be lower, which is an important advantage. So go to proplast.ru polymer market bulletin board will help you make the right choice.

Secondary granule PVD. Features

As soon as you encounter such a situation, when you actually need to understand what the main differences lie in primary and secondary raw materials, you need to thoroughly and thoroughly consider carefully the process by which the recycling of polyethylene secondary waste is performed into a granule, should consider this.

It is important to note that the polyethylene, which in turn was subjected to passing through important recycling cycles, is usually distinguished by the fact that the viscosity decreases. All this ultimately leads to the fact that in the future the quality of raw materials will be lower, which should be taken into account.

Thus, if you carefully examine all the factors, you can lead to the conclusion that the secondary granule of polyethylene definitely will not yield to the primary raw materials in its characteristics, but it is important to know that this happens only if the correct and efficient equipment is used.

Modern companies that are solid and famous, in the first place, put the high quality products that will be produced. Next will be used twin screw extruder, it in turn allows you to increase the viscosity of the polymer, while maintaining the basic properties, which are similar to the primary raw material.

These are the basic manipulations that must be performed, without fail, in order to avoid these or other problems.