During 2020, more than 100 million hryvnias of losses were presented to violators of the requirements of environmental legislation in the field of waste management. “Over the past year, the State Environmental Inspectorate identified 2,144 orphan dumps throughout Ukraine. Of these, only about 60% were liquidated according to the instructions of the DEI.

The most littered regions are Kharkiv (451 landfills) and Kherson (220 landfills, ”said Andrey Malevany.

The official stressed that the sphere of waste management remains extremely problematic for Ukraine.

“In particular, 22% of the population is not provided with garbage collection services at all, and a third of landfills in the country does not meet environmental safety standards,” said Andrei Malevany.

At the same time, the responsibility for non-compliance with environmental legislation in the field of waste management lies with local governments, which are obliged to ensure the sorting, removal, disposal and disposal of waste in accordance with environmental legislation.

“However, over the past year, the State Environmental Inspectorate has repeatedly brought to responsibility officials of local government bodies. The most resonant case is the lawsuit for the recognition of the illegal activities of the Lviv City Council and the Lviv Regional State Administration. SEI received more than 130 requests for the placement of ownerless landfills in the city and region. As a result of the inspection of the LGS and LOGA, such violations were revealed, such as not providing settlements with centralized garbage collection, identifying service providers in violation of the competitive selection procedure and the absence of sanitary cleaning schemes, ”said Andrei Malevany.

Among the reasons for the inaction of local governments is the low level of punishment for violating the requirements for waste management.

“Now the fine is only 850 – 1700 hryvnia in accordance with Article 82 Kuoap. Such a low amount of punishment entails the inaction of responsible persons on the ground and the littering of vast territories.

One of the important decisions required to counter unauthorized landfills is the adoption of bill 2207-1d “on waste management”. In connection with this draft Law of Ukraine, the sanction provided for by the Kuoap article will be increased to UAH 1,700-6800, ”said Andriy Malevany.

According to the head of the DEI, the adoption of the bill will be a powerful step towards creating a transparent waste management system based on European standards. This will allow attracting investments in this area and Ukrainians with high-quality infrastructure.