The bags are made of biopolymer and more than 40% consist of modified starch and reed processing products and decompose in 6 months. The Biosphere Corporation is the first in Ukraine to launch the production of 100% biodegradable and compostable garbage bags under the name Go Green, the manufacture of which does not use polyethylene. The packages were manufactured in accordance with the European standard EN13432 and are completely decomposed without residual microplastic in 6 months under compost conditions, the company’s press service told

“The bags are made of biopolymer and more than 40% consist of raw materials obtained from renewable sources of natural origin (in particular from modified starch, cane processed products),” says Roman Gladyshev, Head of Household Products at Biosphere Corporation. – В the composition of the packages also includes biodegradable plastics from fossil raw materials, which are produced from the usual hydrocarbon raw materials, but have the ability to completely decompose. ”

The composting period is 6 months under special conditions for compost. Composting and biodegradation processes take place after the package has reached the appropriate conditions: household or industrial composter, special landfills. New biodegradable bags are part of the Go Green environmental product line of the Freken BOK brand and will be presented in two formats: standard (size – 50 * 55 cm, film thickness – 15 μm) and puffs (size – 51 * 51 cm , thickness – 18 microns). The shelf life of the packages is 18 months, subject to storage conditions. The first batch of packages will go to the stores of the ATB retail chain from January 20, 2020. Soon, the packages will go on sale in most other retail chains and online stores.