October contract prices for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) in Europe rose by EUR20 per tonne due to limited supply and strong demand during the month, despite the decline in the price of styrene feedstock, ICIS reported.

Thus, in October, the contract prices of styrene in Europe decreased by EUR33 per ton. At the same time, contracts for butadiene raw materials increased by EUR40 per tonne, and contract prices for acrylonitrile (ACN) in October decreased by EUR10 per tonne.

It is noteworthy that the ABS spot market experienced even greater price increases than the contract market due to production problems of suppliers.

Lack of ABS supply is a major concern in the fourth quarter, as some players are forced to restrict supplies due to lack of materials. Suppliers were also known to be selling out materials earlier than expected, in part due to backlog of orders since September.

Availability is also limited due to the constant lack of imports from Asia and high demand in both Europe and Asia.

Demand in October is generally better than in September, especially in the downstream sectors, including furniture and household appliances, and toys and electronics.

According to MRC’s ScanPlast, in the Russian ABS sector in July, the estimated consumption increased by 13% compared to July last year and amounted to 4.30 thousand tons (3.79 thousand tons in 2019).